Partial solar eclipse viewed through a filter

Above photo by Domenico Salvagnin of Legnaro, Italy. Partial solar eclipse of March 29, 2006, viewed through a protective filter. Obtained from Wikimedia Commons.

This is not an organized event, you just might want to look outside early in the morning to see something like this (make a pinhole camera, DON'T look at the sun!). According to NASA's interactive map, the schedule is this:

5:52 a.m.: The moon will first touch the sun's disk. Unfortunately, the sun will still be about 4 degrees below the horizon.

6:35 a.m.: Maximum eclipse, about 21% obscured, and the sun will be about 6 degrees above the horizon. Those living in Kona will have to contend with Hualalai blocking our view.

7:22 a.m.: The moon will stop touching the sun's disk. The sun will be 17 degrees above the horizon.